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London in Quotations: Ben Aaronovitch

My Dad says that being a Londoner has nothing to do with where you’re born. He says that there are people who get off a jumbo jet at Heathrow, go through immigration waving any kind of passport, hop on the tube and by the time the train’s pulled into Piccadilly Circus they’ve become a Londoner.

Ben Aaronovitch (b.1964), Moon Over Soho

London in Quotations: Paul Theroux

A person who is tired of London is not necessarily tired of life; it might be that he just can’t find a parking place, or is sick of being overcharged.

Paul Theroux (b. 1941), Sunrise with Seamonsters

London in Quotations: Henry James

London doesn’t love the latent or the lurking, has neither time, nor taste, nor sense for anything less discernible than the red flag in front of the steam-roller. It wants cash over the counter and letters ten feet high.

Henry James (1843-1916), The Awkward Age

London in Quotations: George Orwell

I had been in London innumerable times, and yet that day I had never noticed one of the worst things about London – the fact that it costs money even to sit down.

George Orwell (1903-1950)

London in Quotations: Walter Besant

I’ve been walking about London for the last thirty years, and I find something fresh in it every day.

Walter Besant (1836-1901), on his deathbed, 9th June 1901