and thanks for taking the time to check out this page about CabbieBlog. Writing under the pseudonym Gibson Square – the destination of the first ‘run’ in the Blue Book of The Knowledge – I put pen to paper about all things to be found in London.

Why spend money sitting in a noisy cab listening to whingeing from your London cab driver, or having him fill your head with useless London trivia when you can sit in comfort and read it for free?

I promise if you have a love for London you will not be disappointed. So sit down, have a cuppa, and spend a little time in my company.

I have been a Licensed Black London Cabbie since January 1997 and over that time and the five years that it took to gain The Knowledge, I’ve grown to love and despair of London in equal measure.

On Tuesday and Friday, I post about London places that have taken my interest, while every Sunday is given over to nuggets of trivial information with a short piece relating to the day in question. If you are interested in what other people think about London, Monday features London in Quotations.

If for some reason you are interested in what it’s like to be a London cabbie, then go to Back of my Cab page or read Taxi Tales from my colleagues.

So have a rummage around, check out my bouquets which you will be pleased to find I’m not complaining. They can be found on the pages of Hidden London and Room with a View.

Can I point you to one of CabbieBlog’s most popular pages? It’s about the Green Cab Shelters those little places where cabbies get refreshment.

Social media has now caught up with CabbieBlog, my occasional tweets can be found @LondonCabbie. There is also daily London Trivia you can follow on Twitter @cabbieblog

As an added bonus, those of you who still rather quaintly view these pages on ancient personal computers and laptops, all get ‘Tomorrow’s Anniversary in London’ which is to be found at the top of the righthand sidebar. If you have a propensity to use the ubiquitous smartphone, unfortunately, will have to scroll way down the page for your daily dose of trivia.

Cheers, or as we say in the Trade “Be Lucky”.

22 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have just found your blog when I was searching for some banksy pictures in Google. I loved your blog and spent almost an hour reading it! In internet terms thats ages 🙂 You may have mentioned this but have you considered putting a web cam or cam in the back of your cab to picture thoughs that will allow? I admit I have not thought this through, why, when, how… but anyhow.. I loved the blog and will RSS it from now on…


    1. Unfortunately I have only had Tony Blair’s head in my cab. I doubt if he would have the courage in travel in the back of a London cab. We would berate him and he couldn’t get out.


  2. Love your “Blog”.
    I did the “Knowledge” in 1957. Started in mid Feb and passed in mid Sept.I started working nights. My first night I started at 3pm. form a garage in Commercial Rd. I worked (on the clock) until 3am. I took
    three pounds seventeen and six for myself and three pounds fifteen for the Boss. The clock went down on 9d. and everyone paid in ‘coin’. By the end of the night my hands were filthy and the weight of coin was making me walk lopsided,, Early 70s and the clocks went ‘metric’, starting at 15p. I thought that that was going to be great, but the pundits (for want of a better description) decided to make the fare climb in 3p. increments. 15, 18, 21, 24 etc. I asked the Carriage Office why not 5p. increments to stop us carrying tons of copper coin. They replied that as the mileage was pre-paid it would be an extra charge on the punters. Other companies were just as stupid,,,, but those are other stories,,, Stan Shaw DeLand FL.


  3. I Love your blog,
    I’m putting together a radio doc at the moment for my university on cabbies and i would love it if you could contribute in some way or another, or if anyone else here would like to tell me their story or have an insight in to the world of a london cabbie please email me on jamieking1989@hotmail.com


  4. Hello mate.Just found your blog after looking for info about doing the knowledge.Spent ages reading through it and lost count of the times i smiled.Thanks.I’ve been living and working in Spain for the last 13 years but think its time to come back “home”.I’ve always had a love hate relationship with the “smoke” and as an ex London motorcycle courier know only too well what to expect if i make the change.Reading your blog will prepare me for the worst…and the best of whats to come.
    Thanks again..and be lucky


    1. I always say being a London cabbie is the best part time job there is. Hard work full time though.
      But you would know if you once rode a motorcycle around town.
      Good Luck


  5. I read recently that the Victoria (?) tube line was shutting down for reconstruction,, Does this mean that the “Cresta Run” may be reconstituted,, Way back in the late 50s and early 60s this was a real earner,,,,, Stan Shaw


    1. I don’t know about that, but we have just been informed that Oxford Street eastbound will be closed forcing all traffic up Newman Street.
      Apparently it for the Crossrail project, so maybe that why the Victoria Line is to close.
      Oh! Yes nearly forgot, the work in Oxford Street could take, are you ready for this . . . up to 8 years.


  6. Hi found your blog as I was clicking various links from other blogs and spent a good 1/2 an hour reading through your posts which are really interesting! Having lived in London all my life it is really interesting seeing things from the perspective of a london cabbie. You forget that cabbies have lives and opinions too, when jumping in and out on your way around London. Keep up the good work (blogging and cabbing!)



    1. Glad you liked the blog, its good to get encouragement from other web hosts.
      Today’s nugget is a Cabinet of Curiosities, you might like to open the door and look inside!


  7. Good afternoon David.

    Having just spent a very enjoyable hour on the train between Euston and Rugby perusing your site,
    Keep blogging – it’s superb.

    Best wishes,



  8. On my way home but with my light still on and the early hour’s of the morning a guy wave’s me down and ask’s if i would take him to somewhere in deepest kent ( forget now exactly where)out 45 minute’s he asked if i could in any way slow down the meter, i could drive slower i said but that would make no difference he was i think just happy to be getting home, after about 50 min or so his phone rings and it was his wife asking where he was, be home in about 20 minutes luv he say’s and o by the way take your car out of the garage , I think i have just bought a black-cab. i pml.


    1. Had a look at the blog Dan it looks promising, I will post the link to my blogroll. A word of caution however, take care when copying pictures that you don’t infringe copyright. Well, lecture over goodluck with the KOL.


  9. I must be tired of life then, personally a nice big mushroom cloud smack dead center over big ben would make my fking day… hoorayy!!!!! and think of all the jobs it will create… better than any of the other bullsh*t forced slavery campaigns of the government… as for the civilian bankers, stock brokers, insurance clerks… legal secretaries… most of them are just a waste of oxygen anyway… if there in the way, that’s a bloody bonus.


  10. Hi there, I run the Online magazine B-C-ing-U! I’ve just written about the Cabbie’s Shelters & it’s loaded for Sunday. I’d love one of you Cabbies to write for B-C-ing-U! either weekly or fortnightly. We’re read worldwide. Best regards,
    Lyn Funnell.


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