ULEZ expanded zone has limited impact

The expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has had a limited impact on pollution in the new areas, a report says.

Transport for London (TfL) found NO CHANGE in levels of pollutants since ULEZ expanded to the North and South Circular roads in October 2021.

More lies and fake statistics from Mayor Khan:

• Sadiq Khan said ULEZ’s expansion was making an “incredible difference”.

• Sadiq Khan said: “I’m proud of the progress we have made in making our city’s air cleaner for millions of Londoners”.

• “We must now capitalise on this success, which is why I’m consulting on expanding the ULEZ London-wide to extend the benefits of clean air to all Londoners.”

The statistics just don’t support Khan’s claim. But Khan now wants to spend another £200m of TfL’s budget on the new expansion of the scheme. (Then it’s back off to the government with the begging bowl).

Drivers of the most polluting cars have been charged a levy to drive into central London since 2017. To make it more dramatic, the scheme was known as the Toxicity Charge when it was first introduced. The daily levy is currently set at £12.50 to drive within the North and South Circular roads.

The report says, in the first six months of the expanded area, the levels of nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5 (tiny particles which can lodge in the lungs and even pass into the bloodstream) have remained constant in both central and inner London ULEZ zones.

Other figures within the TfL report showed that 94 per cent of vehicles entering the ULEZ were compliant with the emissions rules.

Source: BBC online

4 thoughts on “ULEZ expanded zone has limited impact”

  1. My daughter will have to buy another car if she wants to travel (free) from where she now lives (Hainault) to where she grew up (South Woodford). She’s had to change her hairdresser as well. Just another cash cow that will impact the poor businesses just inside the arbitrary borders as well as local motorists.


  2. This is just one more reason for me to be glad about moving to Norfolk. The original Congestion Charge (that I had to pay to cross the Euston Road by car when I lived in Camden) actually increased poor air quality in those areas of London where it didn’t apply, because many drivers used routes that were exempt.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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