Streets with the same name

Whilst on The Knowledge you are expected to memorise every road within a 6-mile radius from the Charles I Statue in Trafalgar Square, clearly an impossible task.

To compound the problem, some roads with dissimilar spellings (Britten Street, SW3 and Britton Street, EC1) are similarly pronounced, others are pronounced differently from their spelling (Beauchamp Place, SW3).

But, by far the hardest to learn is the roads with identical names. The famous Abbey Road has a little brother in West Ham. The delightfully named Water Lane is to be found in four locations: E15, EC3, NW1, SE14, while unsurprisingly Gasholder Place, SE11 is uniquely named.

Royal male chauvinism abounds with four King Streets: E13, EC2, SW1, WC2, the latter two a stone’s throw apart, while Queen Street has only two examples: EC4, W1.

A scan of my Geographers’ A-Z gives me many other examples of identically named thoroughfares, these are just the ‘As’:

Abbey Gardens: SE16, W6
Abbey Street: E13, SE1
Abbotsbury Close: E15, W14
Adamson Road: E16, NW3
Addington Road: E3, E16
Albany Mews: N1, SE5
Albert Road: E16, NW6
Albion Mews: N1, NW6, W2
Albion Street: SE16, W2
Alexandra Street: E16, SE14
Alma Street: E15, NW5
Alpha Place: NW6, SW3
Angel Court: EC2, SW1
Angel Mews: E1, N1
Appleby Road: E8, E16
Atlas Mews: E8, N7
The Avenue: NW6, SE10
Avenue Road: NW3, NW8

6 thoughts on “Streets with the same name”

  1. Look on the bright side. There’s no way UBER drivers & driver less cabs will ever get to the right destination.


  2. Regarding Gibbo’s comment about ‘finding the airport’. My American brother in law stayed in Stratford [East London] & took an UBER to Southend Airport which as I recall [I live in the US at the moment.] would be the A12 to Gallows Corner & right on the A127 delivering you to the door of Southend Airport. The UBER got lost & my brother in law missed his flight.


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