Use your grey matter

Just when you think you have seen it all and been asked every motoring question imaginable along comes one out of the blue. Filling up at the end of the day a young man asks “how do I fill up my car”. I then have to show him how to select the fuel; unhook the nozzle; insert the said nozzle into the car; pull the trigger; and what to say to the cashier. Oh! And “Don’t forget to lock your doors if you want to come back to your vehicle”.

12 thoughts on “Use your grey matter”

  1. Let’s not forget that kids today are poorly educated especially when it comes to spelling, writing & reading. Additionally they spend most of their life stuck in their cellphones in the land of ‘quick text’ which further impairs spelling. My guess is the young man just couldn’t read if he was a Brit. If he was a tourist he would probably read English better than a local.


  2. My Australian daughter-in-law once asked young guys at garage who were servicing her car to put it through their car wash once they had finished. She arrived to collect – still dirty car. What happened? None of them knew how to drive a manual!


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