The hearse cab

Old cabbies never die; they just join the rank in the sky. Here is another in the occasional series which features uses for which the eponymous London taxi has been put.

London Taxi Exports once had an FX4 hearse on their books. The company who deal exclusively in ‘retired’ London driven cabs, owing to the fact that the regulations pertaining to London licensed vehicles ensure they are well maintained.

[E]ven if those same authorities have deemed them now unfit for living passenger transport, I don’t know how many cabbies die every year but a funeral director could do worst than offer this vehicle should his deceased client require a different mode of transport on their final journey.


London Taxi Exports are not the first to offer such a vehicle. In 1970 an advertisement appeared in the November issue of The Funeral Director featuring a converted Austin Fairway. Its features comprised: a full size traditional coach built body constructed to your design as a deck 2 bearer/deck or 4 bearer hearse. One wonders what ever happened to the vehicle, and more importantly was it ever used?

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